Recipe: 3-2-1 Herb Dressing

Large & Very Happy Dinner Salad with 3-2-1 Herb Dressing — Mixed greens, grilled chicken, quinoa, blistered cherry tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, red onion, cherry peppers & bacon bits.

I never used to be the gal who was satisfied with ‘salad for dinner.’ Just seemed, well, like a boring salad. Apparently, all these years, I’ve been doing it wrong! Now, I enjoy and even crave salad, especially after all the rich holiday treats.

Lessons I’ve learned about salads.

1. Bigger IS actually better. Don’t be afraid to make a big salad! Greens give lots of crunch which satiates without adding extra calories`

2. Greens + Protein + Grains + Veggies = Perfection. In this salad, I used grilled chicken for protein, but any protein works! Have leftover tuna or steak? Throw it in! Vegan? Garbanzo beans or extra firm tofu are bomb. I like to prep veggies ahead for my week of salads, but I often have small bits of veggie leftovers from dinners, too. Toss in your favorites, or whatever’s in the fridge like these roasted sweet potatoes. You do you!

3. Dressing is critical, but can easily overwhelm, especially if it’s creamy. I like to put a small amount of dressing ~2-3T in the bottom of the bowl, add the greens and toss. THEN, add the extras. I find I seldom overdress this way. I can always add more if the greens are too dry.

4. Spice it up! No, really. I always ALWAYS add black pepper, but I often add a 1/4 t of dried herbs and sometimes even a pinch of kosher salt to enhance the flavors. Try shaking in a bit of Italian seasoning or use up some of that bread dipper spice mix that’s been sitting in your cupboard. You won’t be disappointed.

RECIPE | 3-2-1 Herb Dressing

In a bowl whisk together the following ingredients.
- 3 T Vinegar
- 2 T Dijon Mustard
- 1 T Maple Syrup
- 1/4 t. Dried Herbs

Mix Red Wine Vinegar, mustard & syrup w/ Italian Seasoning and just a touch of red pepper flakes.

Mix Balsamic Vinegar, mustard & syrup w/dried basil and thyme.

Mix Champagne Vinegar, mustard & syrup w/dried orange peel & fennel.

What’s your favorite salad combo? Would love to hear about it!

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