Welcome to Cookbooks and A Suitcase.

Silver Falls State Park, Sublimity, Oregon

Hey! I’m Shar. It’s nice to virtually meet you. My husband, Mark, and I, live in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up a west coast nomad, but landed in Seattle about 25 years ago and loved it. I am passionate about food, wine, travel, books, laughter and enjoying every minute.

I spent much of my life searching for the key to happiness and wanting for what I thought was more. After 40+ years of traversing the emotional jungle, I was introduced to the concept that ‘I am enough.’ What a thought! Life changed almost immediately. I was HAPPY! Fulfilled even!  Yet, nothing was different, but how I saw me.

So many adventures await us! Join my journey and we’ll cover everything from trying a new recipe to starting a workout program, enjoying a road trip! or simply answering very important questions like, why in the world does a handbag cost $1,000? or what do I do with an eggplant?

This is not the blog Martha Stewart would condone. This recovering perfectionist will proudly show you both the successes and not-so-successes, sharing my experience along the way. I hope through authenticity, you, too, will see that we’re all enough.

Pack your suitcase! We’ll be on our way.