Memorial Day Weekend

It was a Chamber of Commerce, picture-perfect Memorial Day Weekend in the Seattle area. We are so rarely treated to 80 degrees and sunshine this early in the season.

Memorial Day Weekend, Seattle 2017
Memorial Day Weekend, Seattle 2017

Compare and contrast last year’s Memorial Day BBQ. It was downright soggy. My sweet hubby thought of a workaround so we could still enjoy the holiday anyway!

BBQ in Seattle, Memorial Day Weekend 2016
BBQ in Seattle, Memorial Day Weekend 2016

I was quite happy to have a long weekend. I have been away from home and otherwise incredibly busy for the last few weeks. I was looking forward to a little “rest.”

The most amazing thing happened on May 15th. My grandson was born!

Atticus was about a month early, but is home now and is doing well. He’s a voracious eater, and has stolen all the hearts around him, especially mine.

So much cuteness! I can hardly wait to see him again at the end of the month. He has already changed so much!

On Friday night, we had dinner with friends at Little Brother Kirkland. It was a lovely little bistro serving local, seasonal and organic cuisine. The food was INCREDIBLE! It was created with care containing fresh, amazing ingredients. The craft cocktails were superb as well. I love a good French 75 cocktails, so indulged a couple with my nutmeg ricotta ravioli and beet salad w/goat cheese. OO-LA-LA!

Then we walked along the water, and stopped for macaroons at Lady Yum. I got creme brûlée and toasted coconut for myself. My friend, Mindy, swears by the s’mores macaroons. I’ll try that one next time for sure.

I was inspired by the tasty food at Little Brother, and thought I’d make a proper holiday breakfast. Here’s my turkey version of the Croque Madame made with artisan bread we brought home from the restaurant.

Croque Madame

After a good breakfast, it was time either for a nap, or to get some work done. In Seattle, we have a serious guilt trip about using sunny days to lounge… there are so few of these amazing days, that yard work is a must.

I like to pressure wash the deck early in the year so we can enjoy the deck all summer. Yes, I said I LIKE to pressure wash the deck. Something about the ability to revel in the OCD of it. Very satisfying.

Pressure Washing The Deck – the neurotic’s happy place.

Gardening is moving forward, too. We’re further along this year than we have been in past years, thanks to some early sun. I got the ‘butterfly garden’ planted and the bird bath filled. The herbs are taking off and the flowers are peeking their pretty heads out.

Look at that clean deck! Bring on the summer festivities!


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