Resolutions: Not just a wish list. How to make meaningful changes that stick!

I’ve made a thousand of these. Okay. Maybe not a thousand, but let’s say I’ve sworn my fair share of permanent changes, only to be back to my old habits in no time.

Resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, and saving money are worthy goals, but I really never made any meaningful connection as to why these things were worth the proverbial pain. When it comes down to it, what is going to keep me eating a bowl of broccoli for lunch instead of grabbing a slice of pizza?


Success Guru’s tell us that the key to long lasting change is a new lifestyle. So, how do you make a new lifestyle?

Wait! I know this one! Willpower! Workout 4 times a week. Choose Kale. No problem. In a matter of weeks, I am making excuses to eat french fries and skip workouts. Willpower isn’t enough. So, what’s the answer?

Raise Your Standards

please do not smoke!I went searching for wisdom from the master of motivation, Anthony Robbins. I came across a video on YouTube for 2017 Motivation. The video was actually posted January 15th of 2016 – statistically about the time that people like me abandon our resolve and begin to falter on our goals.

Mr. Robbins tells us that everyone has a baseline of musts in their lives. I must pay my bills on time, or… smoking is not for me. Most of us pay that power bill every month by its due date, and don’t pick up that cancer stick. We say things like “I’m not a smoker.” Why? Because these are our standards.

Take the steps for lasting change.

  1. Get a Vision. What is it you really want? Want to be fit? Do you see yourself enjoying a hike in Costa Rica? Want to save more money? Can you see the number on the bank balance? Visualize accomplishing your goal.
  2. Find real reasons. I want to lose weight so I can be skinny, is not a reason. I want to get fit so I can run a half-marathon at Disneyland, or I want to save money so I can take that bucket-list trip to Italy, or start my own business are real reasons. What will you gain? Find something motivating! If your vision doesn’t have real reasons, find a new goal.
  3. Raise Your Standards.  Don’t tell yourself ‘I should really work out today’ or ‘I shouldn’t have that 2nd glass of wine. Raise your standards!  Try ‘I get a run in after I leave the office. It clears my head and let’s me focus on my family when I get home.’ OR ‘I prefer to eat healthy food. I love the energy it gives me.’ Don’t settle for anything less than you’re capable of! You can do this.
  4. Take action now! Join the gym. Ask a friend to take a Zumba class with you. Sign up for ToneITUp! Change your 401K contribution, or set up an automatic funds transfer to your vacation account. Order business cards for your new business, even if they just have a phone number. Do something! Progress is progress no matter how small!

Check out this video from Anthony Robbins. It’s a bit of a long watch (35 mins), but totally worth it if you are serious about lasting change.

Here’s wishing you the best in 2017!





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