Confessions of a Fitness Avoider…

You see the workout photos on my blog, Pinterest, Twitter. I preach to friends around me how therapeutic exercise can be. Don’t even get me started on the benefits of yoga!

I never regret a workout. I sleep better, make better food choices, have less stress and am generally more content when I exercise. I KNOW this! and yet I avoid it.

I have to work late… It’s the holidays… I’m too tired, stressed-out, hungry, need to do X. Excuses! Excuses! Why do I sabotage my efforts to exercise when I know it’s so good for me?


Ouch. That stung a little. “I don’t have time” is an excuse. “It’s not a priority” is a choice. The reality is that every time I don’t make it to the gym, I choose to not make myself a priority.

Dare to Put Yourself First

Fellow blogger jlstanding gave me that amazing advice.

Dare?! That word really lights a fire under me. Dare. Double Dare. Double Dog Dare! (This is where my competitive streak kicks in. I will always take a dare, and I will win!)

What would happen if I used my competitive side for good and dared to make myself a priority? A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be to punish myself, but to fully embrace the me I know I can be – the fit, strong, charismatic gal who enjoys a full energetic life.


I’m ready. Fo’ realz. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m done starting new workouts, preaching its benefits, and subsequently bailing on it – bailing on myself. They say if you’re tired of starting over, don’t quit. I’m not quitting this time.

I am great at keeping my promises to others, but terrible at keeping promises to myself. So, I’ll add a health update to each of my posts going forward. This will be to keep me accountable. Your encouragement is welcome!

Today’s fitness update:

Strong is the new skinny. My uber goal is to live a balanced lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy nutrition and plenty of rest. Good energy will follow.

My fitness goal is to exercise a minimum of 4 days/week, never missing two days in a row. I will build strength through HIIT-style workouts (ToneitUp!) including cardio and yoga. I also have roughly 20 pounds to lose to achieve my ideal weight. I will follow a low-carb, low-fat eating plan to support my goal, and aim for 8 hours of sleep a night.

Humming The Snail is part sharing and part therapy for me, so thanks for listening. I hope this very real conversation will help me stay on track through the challenges and perhaps help someone else find a “dare” for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fitness Avoider…

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  1. Thank you for this Shar!

    You know, as a fitness professional, I used to think I was being so harsh when I would listen to my clients drone on about what they have to do and what they’re dealing with etc. My most common response (besides rolling my eyes) in my mind is always, “Well, I wonder how they think it should be easier for them than it is for the rest of us?” Not that they’re reasons wouldn’t be legitimate, they always are, but don’t they think we could all have our own reasons to not do it either?

    My clients with the most success are those that plan their workouts into their schedules and make it as important as brushing their teeth.

    I do understand that people may not enjoy exercise as much as others, as I’m sure there are things in my life that I suck at that others may not understand why I struggle so much with it, but the wise ones try to help not judge. I’m the one who tries my damndest to help you try to remove yourself out of your own way so I can help you get to what you want. It’s what I’d want someone to do for me.

    Thank you for posting this. I think it’s great, honest and appreciated! – Velma

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