Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfast: #Recipe: Low Carb Omelette Muffins

How is it that we haven’t even put a dent in the Halloween candy, and the Christmas decor is in full swing at every local store?! Discount Halloween costumes next to Santa hats! And when did they consign Thanksgiving to oblivion?

I am reminded of the 90’s movie 10 Things I Hate About You. “…in hopes of distracting themselves from the pathetic emptiness of their meaningless, consumer-driven lives.”


Attempting not to sound too nostalgic, but what happened to looking forward to too much food, and dreading way too much family? Remember that gravy goodness, followed by sweet-spicy pie topped with as much whipped cream as you could pile on?

It is unfortunate that so many times we fall victim to keeping up with the next minute and we forget to appreciate the one we’re in. Where did the time go? What did I miss? Moments we don’t fully appreciate until we’re old(er), and wish we had stopped to appreciate the important things – a child’s laugh, the smell of fresh rain, the perfect kiss.

Without going all woo-woo and posting ‘what you’re thankful for’ – seriously, take 2 minutes to remember what you love about this season – or used to. Maybe it’s as simple as twinkling tree lights, Grandma’s Pecan Pie, or Uncle Douglas’ hilarious stories. That might be enough to keep it real just for now.

Ok, end of rant. Back to this week.
The morning workout is going well and it definitely is changing my morning routine. I have more energy throughout the day, but I’m not hungry before I leave for work. I needed a way to grab something healthy as I head out the door. Thought I’d share a couple of my morning go-to items.

Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Protein Smoothies

I am addicted to Organic PB fit powdered peanut butter. It has all the peanut butter goodness, and 90% less fat! I freeze my bananas ahead of time, so they provide the ‘ice’ without watering down the flavor. Add a Premier Protein shake and you get 30g of protein in a breakfast drink that tastes like an old time soda fountain milkshake!

Grab ‘n’ Go Omelette Muffins

I make these on Sunday to be ready for the week. They work well with whatever veggies you have in the fridge. I even threw in some leftover quinoa. The key ingredients are veggies, breakfast meat, a bit of cheese, and, of course, eggs.


Preheat oven to 375F.

Mix well all ingredients in a large bowl.

-12 whole eggs
-2 c. finely chopped spinach
-1 c. diced peppers
-1/4 c. diced green onions (scallions)
-1 c. bacon bits, crumbled sausage or diced ham (I love Cosco’s precooked bacon for this. Feel free to mix it up!)
-1.5 c. grated cheese
-1/4 c. half & half (milk or cream is fine, too)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

Divide evenly into a greased muffin tin. Even a non-stick tin will need a bit of spray. For a dozen, I used a heavy 1/3 cup to fill the muffin cups.


Bake for 25 minutes or until the egg in the middle no longer wiggles, and you just start to see the tops brown.

Cool for 5 minutes before removing from the cups. Top with hot sauce and dive in!

They container really well in the fridge over the week, or plan ahead and divide them up into sandwich bags to microwave at the office. Thirty seconds in the nuker and you’ve got a hot breakfast! Yum.

Question of the Day?

How do you solve weekday breakfasts?

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