31 Day Fitness Challenge – ToneItUp! #TIU31

31-Day Fitness Challenge

Why do I do this to myself of Fridays?  Yesterday, I stumbled upon a great fitness and nutrition plan site and signed up for the 31 days fitness challenge with ToneItUp. I liked the plan for the very clean eating, the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts, and that you can still have wine a couple of times a week!

Day 1: I hit the trail at 6:15 a.m. Morning workouts are not my forte. I just feel like I am not awake enough to use muscles other than those I use to make coffee. But, there I was… pumping out 3.5 miles around my neighborhood. I like to listen to news first thing, so I tuned my iPod to NPR and powered through.


Actually…it was okay! After I did my walk-run, I was up-to-date on today’s events, and felt pretty ok after my shower. I even made a peanut butter-banana smoothie and got out the door 20 minutes earlier than usual. Go figure!

Today, I found myself making healthy food choices and I think I was actually more productive at the office, too. This might be a good thing.

When I got home, it was time for second part of today’s workout. I did the day’s HIIT routine… to the best of my ability… It must be good, because my legs are a little wiggly now.

My workout companion followed along while I did my star jumps, upright rows, cross-body hammer curls, shoulder presses and lateral raises. Next up was the K&K Booty Slay! 20 Minutes of HIIT exercises like mountain climbers and jumping jacks with butt kicks. It kicked MY butt. 🙂img_0232

So, I’m feeling encouraged that I am doing something good for myself. I know the only way to really get in shape is to overcome the inertia of getting started. Following a program always helps. Structure is my friend.

Happy Friday to You! Here’s a happy thought to take you into happy hour! Cheers!8285cbb4307c79d30d3d39074d378150

Question of the Day?

Have you ever done a fitness challenge? Tell me about it!


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