O’ Thank You, Canada & Clean Eating Cilantro Lime Chicken

I’m moving to Canada if THAT candidate gets elected! I’ve heard a lot of that lately. No matter which candidate you support, or to which country you threaten to move, it has certainly been an entertaining campaign, hasn’t it?! I’m sure tonight’s debates will be riveting. What a train wreck!

Canada, we can always count on you! Our northern neighbors, once again, show their traditional thoughtfulness. They have joined together to lift OUR morale. Check out the Twitter tag #TellAmericaItsGreat. Pure genius! Thank you, Canada, for keeping us from jumping out the window! Here are some tweets to help you remember why America is Great right now!

Eat Clean. Feel Better.

When I was young, we would wait impatiently for mom to get home and immediately start working her for the night’s menu… What’s for dinner?? Sometimes she would just say ‘reservations.’ LOL. Usually that meant we were going to our local hole-in-the-wall for Mexican food. San Diego Style Rolled Tacos! Yum.

I must have inherited that gene along the way. Last night, it was ‘reservations’ for dinner for us as well. uh-hum…actually it has been a few nights lately…Can you blame me when the margaritas look like this, and taste even better?

Tres Hermanos Signature Margarita

Tonight, I was actually looking forward to getting my bootay back to eating clean and focused on healthy goals. My body always feels so much better when I stick with paleo-clean-eating-type food.

I don’t swear off anything as a whole, because I think depriving myself is a recipe for disaster. I do, however, often steer away from dairy, grains and processed sugar. I feel the best when I stick to a lower carb, lower fat approach to my meals. Protein and vegetables! Mmmmm. Heaaaaven!

I had some chicken breasts and sweet potatoes in the larder waiting to be cooked. I can do something with that!

Cilantro, Lime & Garlic Chicken

First, wash and dry your chicken breasts. I am a real stickler for no antibiotic, free range and local poultry. Besides supporting the local growers, I feel better about the care and quality of the animals.


Make your marinate. Combine cilantro, garlic, olive oil, lime juice and zest in a measuring cup. Salt and pepper to taste and stir well. Put the chicken and the marinade into a gallon-size Ziploc bag. If you haven’t used Zip bags for marinading before, try it right now! They are hands down the best marinading tool I have ever used. Squeeze the air out of the bag, and massage the bag until the marinade is well distributed. Place in the refrigerator for 30 mins – 4 hours.


Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in an oven-safe skillet. I used cast iron. Remember, when you’re using cast iron, heat it up slowly.  Over med-high heat, brown both sides of the chicken until golden brown – about 5-ish mins each side.


Transfer the chicken, skillet and all, to the oven and cook for another 20 mins, or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 160F. My chicken breasts today were a little thicker, so I let it go a longer. I was watching the debates, and unfortunately, wasn’t paying close attention. It was somewhat dry. No worries. Watch your chicken and you’ll be good to go.

Tonight, I added a spring mix salad and a roasted sweet potato with maple cinnamon butter topped with toasted pecans to the plate. I love sweet potatoes. It’s like having dessert with none of the guilt!


Cilantro Lime & Garlic Chicken

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Credit: hummingthesnail


  • 2 medium boneless/skinless chicken breasts
  • small handful finely chopped fresh cilantro
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3T olive oil
  • 2T lime juice + 1 t. lime zest
  • 1t red pepper flakes
  • fresh cracked pepper + salt to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Wash the chicken breasts and place them in a Ziploc bag.
  3. Marinade: Combine the cilantro, garlic, olive oil, lime juice and zest, and red pepper flakes in a measuring cup. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir well. Pour into the Ziploc bag with the chicken and put in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 mins, and up to 4 hours.
  4. In an oven-safe skillet over medium-high heat, brown chicken turning once so that both sides are lightly browned.
  5. Transfer the skillet to the oven and bake for 20 minutes or until chicken is 160F. Let rest for 10 minutes before cutting. (This also works well on the grill if you prefer!)
  6. Garnish with fresh lime juice and cilantro.

Question of the day?

What has been your experience with clean eating? Pro? Con?

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